About me

I am a 41-year-old Finnish woman, still a newbie in the world of surface pattern design. I have always loved sewing, knitting and trying all kinds of handicraft but it was always a hobby and I never dreamed of building a career out of it. Instead I pursued a career in the academia and ended up becoming a researcher. Yet my interest in design, aesthetics and handicraft always remained.

Gradually I started to wonder whether it would be possible to gain more knowledge and somehow get a more serious hobby or even a side job in the world of design. I searched possibilities to study designing along with my day job. I first finished a 7-month course in interior design and then a short course on surface pattern design. I fell in love with surface patterns immediately and felt it was something I had always wanted to do! I began my design career and started my company name Hiirikki* in summer 2018 , at the same time continuing to learn more about various techniques and styles. Learning still continues and with every finished design I feel I have learnt something new.

I always use an editing software (Adobe Photoshop) when I’m designing. Sometimes I draw a sketch on paper and continue editing it digitally, or I start from a photo I have taken. Most of the time, however, I use a drawing tablet and work in digital format straight from the beginning. I love colors and I use a lot of time planning the colorways of my designs. Thanks to my background in research and my love with mathematics, I’m particularly meticulous with the layout of all the elements in my patterns, and I also have an affection with geometric shapes. Sometimes I also spend a lot of time doing background research on a theme or creating a story for a design. I get my inspiration from nature or culture and arts. I have also found it inspiring to take part in design challenges because they allow me to experience with different approaches and to make my own interpretation of a given theme. Through experimentation with different styles and techniques I’m gradually developing my own view and style.

At the moment you can find my designs on fabric, wallpaper, and various ready-made products, such as apparel, office supplies, home design products, etc. Have a look at the products at the Products page. If you cannot find what you are looking for, I can also make custom designs based on your wishes! If you are interested in collaboration with me, just contact me and make my day!

* Hiirikki is a word in Karelian language and means a gray horse or cow. In a way it also refers to my actual name. As a designer I prefer using my company name instead of my own name to keep my careers in design and research separate.